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Drop-in speeder.js with only a copy & paste and be optimized on the next browser refresh.

Save for Web - from the web

Take control from the front-end and perfect your designs' images without going to the server. All with a free built-in CDN.

Boost Page Loads

Don't get bogged down by oversized images. Make your designs shine and improve user experience with compressed and perfectly sized JPEG, PNGs and GIF images.

Any Site

Compatible with any site, application and hosting environment - no coding or server changes.

Single-source Imaging

Keep only the high-quality images and use speeder.js to deliver them optimally throughout your designs.

Save Money

Don't waste bandwidth and money on full-size images. Use compressed thumbnails and our free global CDN instead.

Front-End Image Control

Let your designs shine with faster loading thanks to compressed and properly sized images - controlled perfectly by the front-end.

  • Use spdr-* CSS classes and URLs to dynamically create thumbnails, resize and crop.
  • Automatically cache, compress and deliver CDN optimized JPEG, PNG and GIF images.
  • Take advantage of srcset and picture for truely responsive design.
  • Instantly works on any platform - WordPress, node.js, RoR, Python, PHP, .NET...
  • No server changes or setup - and instantly revertible just in case.

Use speeder.js and CSS to dynamically control server-side image optimization - the best of both worlds to improve load speed and user experience worldwide.

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SMB & Enterprise

Stop managing countless image variations and error-prone batch processing. The API provides advanced integration and features at any scale.

  • Optimize asset delivery to any device using a consistent REST API.
  • Securely deliver optimized and resized images without the server dependencies.
  • Generate, bundle and cache assets - all expertly compressed for worldwide delivery.
  • Deliver through any CDN or internal infrastructure.
  • Efficient processing servers rip through any image load - in the cloud or on-premise.

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