Drop-in Image Optimization

By simply dropping in speeder.js, that oversized image is compressed, optimized and loaded onto a CDN for delivery, improving user experience and saving bandwidth - with no coding or server changes!

Now check out server-side thumbnail generation using CSS.

Front-end Controlled Dynamic Thumbnails

Below we have a grid of thumbnails, each linking to it's full size image. We're using CSS to force the images into the thumbnail sizes and speeder.js is optimizing them, but the full size images are still being downloaded and that's slow and wasteful.

We also don't want to have to manually generate a thumbnail for each one - that's tedious and if our design changes, we'd have to regenerate each one. Plus, some images are tall and some are wide.

We're using the Bootstrap thumbnail classes, but it's not working out with the horrible-height problem - not to mention it's so slow and downloads over 4mb - imagine the poor mobile users!

Click the green Activate button below to see what happens.

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